Do you use MyAnalytics… Yes, I do!

Door |2021-01-12T09:14:23+01:0012 januari, 2021|Productiviteit|

Did you know about MyAnalytics? You could think that the email is spam and it Analyze my work. But it is a very nice and handy solution for analyzing your productivity and personal health. And in times of lockdown, MyAnalytics can help you find a good balance between work and private life. MyAnalytics from Microsoft can help you to analyze how you use time, and to find ways of using it better in the future.

10 productivity tips for Microsoft Outlook

Door |2020-09-08T09:48:15+02:008 september, 2020|Productiviteit|

Microsoft outlook is an application I love but also hate. Only I am part of the “Outlook Generation”. I grew up with it, I used it from version Outlook 97. In the early days I started Outlook as my first application in the morning, and it is the last I close. From a productivity perspective it is not the best way to have it always open. In this article I will give some tips regarding settings and options that give you some productivity.

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