Because of the COVID virus we are bound to the home workplace. Maybe you are back in the office so this article can help you also.

In the first stage of the work form home period, many organizations used or deployed Microsoft Teams. I want to share some tips for using it efficiently.

  • Team invitations are very easy to realize from Outlook or from Teams Calendar view.
    Outlook for desktop :
    When you create a new meeting request there is a button available in the toolbar.

    In outook Mobile:
  • Use as much video as possible. We communicate not only by spoken text, but also with face expression. For that reason, it is good to use a camera in your meeting. Default my camera is always on when I’m joining a meeting. You will see that a lot of guests in the meeting will enable the camera later.
  • Have you activated Microsoft Teams on your mobile? It’s the perfect way to stay on top of discussions while on the move. You can access all your teams, channels and files, as well as participate in meetings from your phone.
    But be sure to set personal boundaries and optimize your work hours in a way that best suits you. It’s easy to do this by setting ‘quiet hours’ and ‘quiet days’ – another really useful feature available in your Microsoft Teams mobile settings.
  • Be aware when you share a OneNote note, always create a new OneNote notebook.
    If you do refer to an existing note other information inside the notebook are visible with your team.
  • Agree within your team who the owner is. Indeed, there are many differences in authorizations. You can define more “teams” owners, but 2 captains on one ship is always a success 🙂
  • Use Chats and Conversations as a communication tool, this saves a lot of emails.
    In my opinion, email is not for collaboration, it is for correspondence. You and your colleges will receive too many messages every day. And the important internal emails are mixed up with other correspondence with people from the outside world.
  • You have enabled your camera in a meeting, but you won’t want to share your office, use the background options.
    To activate Background Blur during meetings, just click on the more actions ‘…’ three dots on the call menu and select ‘Background effects’.

Good Luck! And do you have tips for me, please feel free to share. Click on my Contact page for details.