Come Get IT Podcast: Episode 35 – Modern Authentication

By |2021-09-30T10:50:22+02:001 November, 2021|Podcast|

The use of modern authentication, i.e. with username, password and an additional device (such as a telephone) is fairly common in 2021, it seems. For us IT people probably yes, but for the general public it does not yet appear to be the gold standard.

Come Get IT Podcast: Episode 34 – Jasper van Horssen – Process Improvement (Smart ICT)

By |2021-09-30T10:48:16+02:006 October, 2021|Podcast|

In this new Come Get IT episode we highlight a different side of our beautiful profession, namely the side of the ICT entrepreneur and zoom in on business processes. Perhaps not exactly the subject you are waiting for after your holiday because business management is the most boring part of our profession from a technical point of view, right? Jasper van Horssen knows how to convince us why this is very important.

Come Get IT Podcast: Episode 33 – Remco Fugers – Unix/Linux

By |2021-09-30T10:47:45+02:005 October, 2021|Podcast|

In this episode we zoom in on the Linux/Unix operating platform. As IT professionals, we still regularly encounter it in our customer environments, or as an operating system on the average IoT device, but at the same time it seems somewhat underexposed. Is the platform still relevant in our IT landscape in 2021? Is it still a specialism or can anyone with an IT background use it?

Come Get IT Podcast: Episode 32 – Meint Post – Secure Email

By |2021-09-30T10:44:48+02:004 October, 2021|Podcast|

In this new episode of the Come Get IT Podcast we explored the possibilities of sending emails securely. Am I not safe then? We note that this is a question that we are regularly asked. In addition, a large number of our colleagues play with this question.

Come Get IT Podcast: Episode 31 – Berry Haveman and Anna Valkenburg – Liquidware

By |2021-09-30T10:36:53+02:001 October, 2021|Podcast|

In this episode, we're going to zoom in on End User Computing. We look back on the developments of EUC in the past year and look ahead to the developments in the future. Has Corona ensured that we have accelerated the developments of a virtual workplace? We asked these and other questions to Berry Haveman and Anna Valkenburg, both of whom work for Liquidware.

Come Get IT Podcast: Episode 30 – Abram Schermer – The Cloud Strategy Contradiction

By |2021-09-30T10:25:34+02:0030 September, 2021|Podcast|

After 29 episodes, it's high time to ask Abram Schermer back as a guest for episode number 30 of the podcast. In episode 1 it was meant to get acquainted, this time we invited him to tell more about (his favorite topic) the “Cloud Strategy Contradiction”. Are we all doing well now? Should we pay attention to strategy that Cloud adoption expects of us? How do we prepare for the next proverbial 'train disaster' and what lessons have we learned from the current situation that we are still in the middle of alone?

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