Switching to working from home can be stressful. You might quickly find out that you don’t know where things are. Phone calls. Chats. Email. Files. Attachments. Where’s everything? What’s going on? What do I have to do first? It’s chaos.

For some people they have children at home, they need attention. So the chance of distraction is very high. How do you keep focus and attention on the actions you have to do. And how are you working together with your college’s when you are working from home.

For that reason I start using a GTD task manager, there is a lot available and I tried different applications. Some task managers are for personal use. Some task managers are designed for using in teams and businesses. And some are available in Microsoft Office 365, but you don’t know how they are working.

What is for you the best task manager in your organization?

Here I have a cheat sheet created for task managers what is good for usage in organization or team.

Download your own copy HERE