Today i want to give some heads up on something new about this website.
This is my first blog post in English on my blog. Why? I will explain later.
In this blogpost i will do some announcements about this website. In feature blogposts i will give an update on something big i work on….

Blogpost in English

When i started this blog, i made the decision to write my blogpost only in Dutch. I have written some good posts about my Ipadonly lifestyle and my review about the Citrix X1 Mouse.
Of course i want more! I analyse my site visits, the idea behind this blog “Sharing ICT Knowledge”. For me it was a good moment to decide to write in English. The audience for a blog written in English is much bigger than in Dutch.

From now all the new blog posts on this blog will be written in English.

I will translate components from my website and pages to English. The old blogpost stays in Dutch, and all new written posts will be in English.
So this website is “on progress” for translation.

Chamber of commerce

I read some good books about building a company and sharing knowledge. With the good advise from some colleagues in the community, the support of my family i made the choice and register at the chamber of commerce in the Netherlands to start something big and expanding my activity’s on a professional base.

My main focus is “Sharing ICT Knowledge”.
I will do that via podcasts, blogposts, presentations and many more. This gives me and my website some space for sponsors or advertised and brandend content.

Who knows the future will bring other opportunities for me. And of course i still have a full time job at Avensus and my activities for my company i will do in free time.


If you have questions about the announcements, or you want to contact me about advertisements, brandend content or other opportunities. Please send a mail with your contact details or go to my contact page. My email adres is: [email protected]