Sharing ICT knowledge

I have learned a lot from following training and earn certifications. But i have doing a lot of experience on the projects i was working on the years I’m active in the ICT Business.
This knowledge i wan’t to share!
This can be by blogs, public speaking, podcasts but also as a consultant on in your company. If it Needs that your project, proposal or request for proposal needs some second opinion or needs support.
I can help your organization by sharing my technical knowledge as consultant, or can support on projectmanagement.
There are a lot of opertunities and options available.

Public speaking

I love to speak! This can be by radio broadcast, podcast or public and private event.
I can present about my experience of working iPad only and productivity, my technical knowledge and a lot of other topics. In recent years i have gained a lot of experience in providing technical ICT trainings for medium and enterprise organizations in the Netherlands.

Creating podcasts

In my early days I loved to make radio. I was broadcasting on 2 local radio stations and was responsible for the technical equipment what was needed to broadcast in the region.
With the knowledge of creating a radio program, collect some news items and the experience about how to broadcast it was an easy step to create podcasts.

In the last years I’m create my first personal podcast for experience. With this knowledge i already supported some other podcast creators to setup there own podcasts.

I’m the creator and presenter of a Dutch ICT podcast.
This podcast is released every 2 weeks in the podcast stores.

Do you want to know where I’m actually working on, click on my “/now” page.