On this page I will keep a list of things I am currently working on.
The idea of this page is inspired by an inspiration from Derek Sievers from nownownow.com


  • Working on a new IT advice process for a customer for a couple hours in the week
  • Searching for new IT opportunities
  • Study to obtain a number of Microsoft certifications
  • Create new podcast episodes on www.comegetit.nl


  • During the weekend I like to fire up the BBQ to prepare tasty meat and fish dishes
  • Wachting Formula 1 (now season stop till the end of February 😟)

And Personal

  • Building my own business
  • The most ideal man and (bonus) father for my partner Suzanne, our daughter Froukje (8) and the bonus daughter Lieke (14)
  • Helping my wife with her own webshop (www.dehuiswinkel.nl)
  • Working on sharing productivity and digital knowledge
  • Reading books
  • Share everyday a instagram post about myself or productivity tools.

Together with my partner we are addicted to series, and also regularly watch a movie via Apple TV.
When I am on my way to clients and / or office I listen to one of the podcasts below:

At the moment I am reading: Ik (k)en mijn ikken by Karin Brugman, Judith Budde & Berry Collewijn

Updated Januari – 2024