During the summer holidays you don’t have to miss anything from the Come Get IT Podcast. My college Sander Bruijs and I go once again in the world of Windows Virtual Desktop with Bas van Kaam. Bas is a good acquaintance of the Come Get IT podcast and has been invited this time in the virtual podcast studio.

Bas is an adept blogger and a frequently seen guest speaker at (WVD) events worldwide. In addition, he recently made the switch to the company Nerdio, which wants to establish a foothold in Europe with Bas after previous successes in the US.

Both professionally as field CTO of Nerdio and from his own passion as WVD Fanboy, Bas loves to talk and write about how best to support companies worldwide to quickly build a Cloud workplace in Microsoft Azure.

What is Nerdio for WVD?

Nerdio makes WVD and Azure deployments easy and adds some fun to the overall management and maintenance part. In this episode, Bas explains how easy it is to roll out, configure, and maintain Windows Virtual Desktop and other types of Azure deployments.

Where to play?

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Small note, the episode is in dutch spoken.