In this episode my college Sander Bruijs and I talk about the Governance of Microsoft Teams. We can well imagine that you, or the organization for which you work, have deployed or activated Microsoft teams in the past period. In this episode we take you through the process that you should not only put a few ticks on but Governance in this area is extremely important and should not be underestimated.

To give you some guidance, we have invited Jasper Oosterveld to our virtual podcast studio. Jasper is Microsoft MVP and Modern Workplace Consultant of InSpark in the Netherlands. Every day he works with customers to implement the Modern Workplace with Microsoft 365. Jasper focuses on collaboration, communication, security, adoption and governance.

With a great dose of humor and enthusiasm, Jasper is happy to share his expertise and love for Microsoft products with anyone who wants to listen.

Curious how you can adopt the Microsoft Teams Governance in your organization or with your customers, then listen this episode. The podcast is in Dutch.