In this new Come Get IT episode we highlight a different side of our beautiful profession, namely the side of the ICT entrepreneur and zoom in on business processes.

Perhaps not exactly the subject you are waiting for after your holiday because business management is the most boring part of our profession from a technical point of view, right? Jasper van Horssen knows how to convince us why this is very important.

Everyone likes peace and quiet, including the IT entrepreneur. Jasper van Horssen helps entrepreneurs with all kinds of issues within ICT companies from his company Dxfferent. How can you improve your business processes, innovate and, above all, as an entrepreneur, quietly work on the creative side of doing business. Jasper can literally tell with goosebumps and passion what he likes about his job and why it is so important for everyone in the ICT company to secure and follow processes.

Jasper has not been working on the hourly billing principle since 2016. He knew one thing for sure in 2019, that was his passion to help the ICT entrepreneur to make business processes, information security and ICT smarter and thus create the necessary peace of mind within an organization.

We think that this episode really applies to “everyone” within our profession!

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