In this episode we zoom in on the Linux/Unix operating platform. As IT professionals, we still regularly encounter it in our customer environments, or as an operating system on the average IoT device, but at the same time it seems somewhat underexposed. Is the platform still relevant in our IT landscape in 2021? Is it still a specialism or can anyone with an IT background use it?

We have noticed that finding an IT colleague who really specializes in Unix/Linux is quite difficult, but we succeeded.
We have invited Remco Fugers to talk about this subject. A Unix man in heart and soul, so we talked extensively with him about the past and present of this platform.

Remco is an experienced technician with a proven history of working in the IT and services sector. Skilled in career development, coaching and communication and is Field Operational Manager at Xifeo ICT B.V.

Do you want to know what Linux/Unix can do for you?
Then listen to the 33rd episode of the Come Get IT podcast

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