In this new episode of the Come Get IT Podcast we explored the possibilities of sending emails securely.

Am I not safe then?
We note that this is a question that we are regularly asked. In addition, a large number of our colleagues play with this question.

How do you solve it? What exactly is secure email? What should we as an organization send securely via email?

All questions with which we want to help you. We did not do this alone, but together with Meint Post.
Meint is the COO of Secumailer, an organization that deals with only the safe sending and receiving of secure email.

Meint is a driven Senior executive who can tell with great passion how secure e-mail works, what added value Secumailer has in the current IT landscape and not entirely unimportant; how their product can be used.

Reason enough to listen to this episode.

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