In this episode, we’re going to zoom in on End User Computing. We look back on the developments of EUC in the past year and look ahead to the developments in the future.
Has Corona ensured that we have accelerated the developments of a virtual workplace?

We asked these and other questions to Berry Haveman and Anna Valkenburg, both of whom work for Liquidware.

Barry is a passionate Solutions Architect his passion is helping organizations with digital transformation while ensuring the user experience. Through his years as a consultant in desktop and application delivery in various industries, he has broad knowledge of this ecosystem which he uses today to advise clients.

Anna Valkenburg works as Channel Manager Benelux and says about herself:. “Learning is an integral part of growing. My aspirations in life are to continue developing my passions: building interpersonal relationships and being a leader who leads by example. I am eager to learn and challenged, I prefer to work to tasks that challenge me intellectually, ie think out of the box and be a real team player.”

This promises an educational podcast episode!

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