After 29 episodes, it’s high time to ask Abram Schermer back as a guest for episode number 30 of the podcast.

In episode 1 it was meant to get acquainted, this time we invited him to tell more about (his favorite topic) the “Cloud Strategy Contradiction”.

Are we all doing well now? Should we pay attention to strategy that Cloud adoption expects of us? How do we prepare for the next proverbial ‘train disaster’
and what lessons have we learned from the current situation that we are still in the middle of alone?

Abram Schermer has over 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship and general management in the IT industry with a focus on strategy, business development, corporate finance and human resources.

Currently focused on supporting growing companies and start-ups in their strategic positioning, business development and corporate finance. Directly involved in M&A, investments and organizational change.

As usual, lots of questions and answers in episode 30 of the Come Get IT Podcast.

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