Together with Sander Bruijs I make a podcast for and by IT professionals. In this Dutch podcast we have Milah Wouters as a guest. She owns Fairvent, where she helps organizations develop a vision and strategy on sustainability, which she says is crucial for developing a future-proof company.

In addition to her work, she is mother and chairman of the Helpdigital foundation.

The fight against isolation and loneliness in the elderly is an ongoing battle and it is not only a CoVid-19 related problem, even though this corona crisis very quickly exposed the problem again. How do we solve this and what else is going on? In recent months, countless elderly people in care institutions have started video calling with the help of the Helpdigitaal Foundation. That is a great result, but Milah is far from there. She will continue with this and, together with her foundation, tries to help even more elderly people digitally.

Milah tells in our podcast how she came up with the idea, how she experienced the first Covid period, what the technology behind this great initiative looks like, but especially how she will continue to get more elderly people to make video calls.

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