Together with Sander Bruijs I make an IT Podcast for the community platform Come Get IT.

In our 23rd episode of the Come Get IT podcast we are finally together again and we have another mega interesting topic.

Our guest has been on the gray side of hacking but has been on the legal path for a while.

He is a Security Analyst and Incident Responder, also known as the digital firefighter. He likes to create order in complex and / or stressful situations, is used to working in technically complex environments and is willing to quickly learn unknown areas in the subject matter.

He uses his knowledge to help organizations with potential hacking attempts, so we asked Sander Spierenburg about Ethical Hacking. We are curious whether pen tests are really useful and, as far as he is concerned, they are the best practices that we can take into practice ourselves.

We have learned a lot again and we can imagine that you have become curious.

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