10 productivity tips for Microsoft Outlook

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Microsoft outlook is an application I love but also hate. Only I am part of the “Outlook Generation”. I grew up with it, I used it from version Outlook 97. In the early days I started Outlook as my first application in the morning, and it is the last I close. From a productivity perspective it is not the best way to have it always open. In this article I will give some tips regarding settings and options that give you some productivity.

Tips for working productively with Teams

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Because of the COVID virus we are bound to the home workplace. Maybe you are back in the office so this article can help you also. In the first stage of the work form home period, many organizations used or deployed Microsoft Teams. I want to share some tips for using it efficiently.

Microsoft Quickassist

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There are a lot of options available to do remote support. In that case, you try to help them over a phone call, but you know that it would be better if you were actually in front of the system. However, if you are aware, with a hidden feature of Windows 10 you can use to help them remotely as well. Quick Assist is an inbuilt app in Windows 10 witch allows you to troubleshoot the PC problem remotely. To help remotely, you only need an active Internet connection.

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